AgriMarkets Canada (Advertising & Marketing Services)

Management & Consulting Services
– Complete Advertising, Marketing & P.R. Services
– Online Marketing Systems, Websites & Social Media etc.
– Management & operation of Farmers’ Markets
– Special Agricultural Projects & Annual Events Management
– B.C. Tourism & Trade, Attractions Marketing & Systems Management

Services In Development
Food Producer Vendor Sales & Distribution Services:
B.C. Agriculture & Food Producers Consulting

B.C. Farmers’ Markets Marketing, Food & Prepared Foods
Commercial Kitchen Services,
-We are searching for an appropriate location.
-Warehousing of Foods & Prepared Foods Distribution
-Shipping & Warehousing, online systems

New: Farm produce & food producer financing:
Contact us to discuss financing for your
farm production needs. (Owner/operators only)
(Via TD Bank Banking Services)
Purchase Seeds & Supplies
We will be able to help develop small farms.

New: Seeds & Supplies:
We offer a “Farm Gate, Foods/Food Products, Producer to Customers” program
Contact us today to reserve your 2019  foods processing
and wholesale/retail warehouse & distribution services.

In development:
Food Production/Processing Service

Commercial / Industrial kitchen facilities:
Produce and foods preparation,
– Cooking and processing, packing foods, liquid & dry,
– Flash Freezing/ Drying and Powder packing services,
– Walk-in cooler storage for fresh and cooked foods,
– Dry goods warehousing, shipping & distribution,
Contact us now to reserve your 2018 production spaces/services.

Please “Contact us” today for more information about our services.

Thank you.
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Fort Langley B.C.